With a Master's Decree in Science and 8 years POST-graduate training in areas of ministry such as neurotheology, inner/emotional healing, with emphasis on emotional healing as it relates to physical healing, INSTANT AND PERMANENT forgiveness, and how to tangibly abide in God's presence 24/7, sometimes referred to as praying without ceasing).  April has been trained by some of the most gifted in their areas in the US.  In addition to decrees from University of North Alabama and University of Tennessee Health Science Center, April has studied under some of the most gifted men and women of God in our day.  Such include but are not limited to:

Russ Walden (Father's Heart Ministries) in the Office of the Prophet, Julia Biagi (Dianna Davis Akers Ministries) in commissioning as a Psalmist, Prophetic Psalmist, 5-Fold Ministry, and Worshiping Levite/Anointing of Asaph, and INSTANT PERMANENT Emotional Healing, INSTANT PERMANENT Forgiveness, How to Remain in the Presence 24/7; Abiding; Praying without ceasing, Self-Deliverance from Drs. Dennis and Jen Clark, Full Stature Ministries (as seen in Sid Roth: It's Supernatural).  April’s purpose on the planet is to prove that God is good and His power is real. She is committed to helping others in any way she can.  Please review the testimonies at your leisure. 

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Love and God Bless You All,