The Only Thing Degrading About Country Music Is the Media

The Only Thing Degrading About Country Music Is the Media

Women degraded in country music.  It’s definitely not a new point of view.  Don’t get me wrong; I agree there’s some issues related to women in my genre.  In country music, we’re human.  Therefore we have issues. We’re still the greatest genre on the planet.  It's just that I would be more likely to address things like who’s taking responsibility for offering these selections to radio causing people to turn the station when women come on (because history clearly supports it’s not a “women” issue, I propose a mix of rationales with the weight primarily falling on labels lack of understanding for changes in listeners and how they use radio) or the use of inappropriate advances by industry men towards younger up and coming females.  … I would even go out on a limb and say I’m not thrilled with the surge of hook-up songs.   BUT… a guy calling me hot?  Ha!  It does not make the list.

My love for country music is up there with my love for American and support of our troops.  I don’t play.  I guess with free speech there will always be negative press.  But is it just me, or is there SO. MUCH. WHINING? 

You know who’s not whining?  The fans.  I don’t mean the above 40 who complain how it’s not country anymore (sorry, dad).  I’m referring to the ones who actually consume music and attend shows – you know - the ones who basically keep our industry alive.  We can’t always please those who long for a disproportionate use of ballads and every production to sound like it came from the 70’s.  But we can offer them something.  And they could perhaps take a look at what’s paying the bills and keeping country on the map.

I really want to bust out with a chorus of “Why Can’t We Be Friends,” but instead, as I pleaded when explaining the rationale for the success of brocountry, I’ll probably just stick to what will probably be my mantra for as long as I live, “Can’t we all just be PROcountry?!”  Because there’s never harm in supporting each other.  I don't even have to like you to support you.  I can do it just because it’s the right thing for the greater good. What if we all focused on how we could fuel each other's successes?

Tearing someone down will never build you up.  At best, it can only cause others to join you on the ground.  Like a wise lady said, “You can run with the chickens or fly with the eagles,” God gives us a choice.

It wouldn’t be fair to call out the one article that inspired today.  After all, there have been many bloggers and journalists over the last two years to make accusations regarding the degradation of women in country music. Heck, even Maddie and Tae thought they were supposed to keep their mouth shut and ride along!  I’m just saying that is not my experience … or the experience of anyone I know. 

The fact is our guys are accused of degrading women.  Look up the synonyms for degrading: humiliating; mortifying; shameful.

Those are not attributes of complimenting your woman (I would hate to be a fly on the wall if these guys google the lyrics of "Get Low"!).  Instead, it sounds more like what some media has been doing to country music, either intentionally or unintentionally, for the last few years.  Ironically,in the last few years country music has seen enormous amounts of growth.  In fact, we’re gaining new radio listeners during a time where streaming is dominating.  That’s kind of a big deal.  It would seem, as it did when I defended brocountry, the fans have spoken, and they are not offended. 

See, it’s COUNTRY music.  We describe things.  Show it; don’t tell it.  That’s what we teach our baby song-writers.  Sure, we could talk about ugly girls, but that would just be mean and probably sell a lot less records.  As a female listener, we like to think they’re singing about us.  Or at least that our man’s thinking about us every time he hears it.

You can ask any married guy.  Not complimenting your woman on how she looks or what she’s wearing can get you into big trouble!  We LOVE it when you tell us what you like!  Please compliment us MORE!  Obviously, that includes things other than our physical appearance. But last I checked, we didn’t spend the summer growing out the hair on our legs and letting our toenails morph into daggers.  We actually put a great deal of effort into looking hot….it’s kind of our goal. 

So on behalf of all the non-offended country girls, I would like to tell the writers and artists:

(Yes, you may also write about other things,) But first and foremost, "Thank you for noticing."  Although, let’s keep it real. You’re probably gonna have to get beer for the both of us at some point.[1] 

[1] in response to critics on Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night” line “Go get me another beer” as sexist

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