Named after the greatest commandments found in Luke 10:27, Love Them Now exists to prove that God is good, and His power is still very much alive and active today.  It is a 501(c)3 that will accompany April on tour bringing a Spirit filled ministry team and strategic resources to secular events.  We are thrilled and anointed to "go where the church cannot go."  

Other plans for LTN include building Faith-based Drug and Alcohol Deliverance and Equipping Centers.  Our highest heart's desire is not to just see our loved ones and neighbors "sober and surviving," but to see them "Spirit-filled and THRIVING!"  April often refers to the TV show "Fixer Uppers," where Chip and wife JoAnna Gaines take the most dilapidated home in an area and thrive on seeing it transformed into the most spectacular.  "It's kind of like that, except for humans," quips April. "My heart is to see "the least of these" go out as "the greatest" and fulfill their God-given destiny that Jesus died so they could have and Holy Spirit came so they could actually pull it off."  

In addition to a heart for Isaiah 61 and seeing the captives free, Love Them Now also has a tremendous focus on:

  • Abiding in God's Presence 24/7
  • Instant/Permanent Forgiveness
  • Instant Emotional Healing to the Utmost
  • Single Mothers and Elderly Services

April has trained under Full Stature Ministries, Dr. Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark (as seen on Sid Roth) and Russ and Kitty Walden of Father's Heart Ministries.  Her own testimony is being at the lowest point of her life and encountering the miraculous power of God through the prophetic.  She has experienced numerous signs and wonders and miraculous healings (Mitral Valve Prolapse and 2+Mitral Valve Regurgitation) as verified by echocardiograms.  Growing up in "The Bible Belt," it is ironic she also has witnessed some of the thickest oppression from the triune bondage of spirits of addiction, poverty, and religion.  "I will stop at NOTHING to see the hurting come into the kingdom and the "unbelieving believers" believe."  We love because He first loved us.  But because He IS love, and because He lives, we too, can love and live abundantly free to worship in Spirit and in truth. To love God with ALL of our heart, soul, mind and strength.  To love our neighbor as ourselves.....and love them now. 

If you feel led to sow a seed, although we do not come as beggars, we are exceedingly thankful.  We believe in the supernatural law of sowing and reaping. And just as in the natural, the better the conditions, the better the harvest.  You can rest fully knowing Love Them Now has a pure heart and motivated only by love and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.  As we yield ourselves unto Him, we believe that creates a fertile soil for you. We prayerfully thank you and may it be returned back to you as in Deuteronomy 1:11, 1,000 fold in the same year.

Apart from Him we can do nothing.  But with Him, we can do all things.

Surely, I tell you, you shall do greater things than this!