Wow April! Thanks! You are a MIGHTY Woman of God! The anointing you carry combined with that humility, intelligence, and purity of heart puts you in a league of your own. Your prayers are POWERFUL! I see the Shekinah Glory radiating from you. ”

— Terry Vos, Alaska

What is Transformational Mentorship?

Transformational mentorship is a term coined by April for the hybrid application of sound counseling, inner emotional healing and forgiveness (conscious and subconscious), and strategic life-coaching with a supernatural heavenly strategy.  It is April's go-to response for those who have any need - any area of their life that is not fulfilled  - and/or causing them harm, pain, or a lack of fulfillment.  With a Master's degree in Science, she places tremendous value on science and physiology.  But a lack of personal fulfillment forced her to search for answers outside of psychological, psychiatry, and medicine.  A background in Spiritualism, now Spirit-filled and empowered Christian, she had developed a method of combining only the effective principles of modern medicine/psychology, and integrated them with Biblical principles and a deep spiritual empowerment.  

In Transformational Mentorship, everything changes.  Everything becomes new.  You become new on the inside and out if so desired.  Like counseling, every client is accessed for the greatest area of need and prioritized accordingly.  However, unlike many well-meaning counselors we will not only lead you to answers but guide you in a process that is replicable.  We don't just listen to your problems. We have sound solutions!

And unlike many counseling options available today, we are not just helping you be free while you pay for services.  Our passion  - and SPECIALTY - is to equip YOU to possess the tools, so that you do not have to endure a lifetime of therapy....all the while enjoying even more fruit.

Wherever it is you want to go, we can help you get there.  Now is YOUR time to rise up into that great life you've always dreamed of.  We can't wait to help you!

*Please note we also offer prophetic insight free of charge to any of our services.  However, we do require your permission as we work with clients from a variety of backgrounds and belief systems.  Our recommendation - it never hurts to try!

Problems with Most Psychology, Psychiatry, and Counseling

Healing doesn't have to take 5-10 years in counseling.  Never mind the financial aspect, think of how much more of your life was unnecessarily spent in pain?  Also unlike traditional options, we don't just take your money on-going while allowing you to "feel better" only temporarily while you talk about it. We don't want do this for the money.  We do it because we love people and truly want to see every single individual THRIVE inside and out and enjoy an amazing life.  Even more than that, we want to establish such a firm foundation and equip you so well you can go out and radically positively impact the lives of others as well.  

Often counseling, even Biblical counselors, can have individuals discussing their problems and learning to “cope” or become “okay” with the areas of their life that are not satisfying. Many psychologists and psychiatrists spend years reviewing our past offering little to no solution. Scientific research consistently proves you give power to what you give attention to.  By focusing on our problems, worries, and stress, we actual empower them to control and ruin our lives and well-being.

April’s personal experience includes paying a psychiatrists $350/hr on a weekly basis for months on end in hopes to get solutions to some life-crippling, peace-stealing issues. After months of financially draining her bank account she noticed the doctor (MD) only stirring up old wounds and never offering any helpful solution.  Saying, "I could have went bankrupt just to have a nice listener."

Science is proving our negative emotions permanently and negatively adversely impact your DNA bringing illness, sickness, and disease.  Every negative emotion received each day WILL PERMENENTLY NEGATIVELY DAMAGE your DNA.  But there is also science to support a supernatural restoration of DNA.  Those receiving emotional healing and forgiveness often immediately receive or see a manifestation of a physical healing as well. Common issues such as allergies, food sensitivities and allergies, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety are historically among the first symptoms and ailments to go.

What Can I Expect In Transformational Mentorship?

The beauty and genius of transformational mentorship is that it is customized for each individual based on you personal goals, situation internally and externally, and desired outcome.  We will examine your heart, soul, mind, and body and what is coming against for blocking you from entering into your personal place of fulfillment and value.  We will customize workable goals with measurable outcomes at the pace and timetable that works best for you!

Best of all, not only will we will work with you to get you from where you are to exactly where you want to go, but we will give you transformational tools to empower and equip to steward your own life. We believe charging clients for time without offering lasting solutions is disgraceful to the client. April will use decades of education, scientific research and ministry experience to innately work together WITH YOU - and teach you how to not just get to your promised land - but to remain there and take others with you!

This is YOUR TIME of blessing place.  It is our honor and joy to help you have the life you've always dreamed of.