What Others Are Saying...


Wow April! Thanks! You are a MIGHTY Prophetess of the Lord!  The anointing you carry combined with that humility, intelligence, and purity of heart puts you where most people have never seen.  Your prayers are POW-ER-FUL!  I see the Shekinah Glory radiating from you.  His glory comes on you when you sing and people get set free and delivered.  You will set many people free.  Your daughter is very blessed to have you as a mom.  You're always such a great blessing! 

- Terry Vos, Colorado 




April gives very accurate prophetic words and encourages and empowers with love and purity.

- Christina Livingston, Mortgage One, Nashville, TN





"April, I am blessed to know and have you as my friend, sister and family and you remind of so many great women in the Bible;


You remind me of Miriam, the one who led a nation's women in praise to God (Exodus. 15:20-21).


you remind me of Deborah, the patriotic military advisor (Judges.4:4-10).


you remind me of Ruth, the woman of constancy (Ruth.1:16).


you remind me of Hannah, the ideal mother (1Samuel.1:20; 2:19).


you remind me of Dorcas, the charitable woman (Acts.9:36).


you remind me of the shunammite, the hospitable woman (2Kings.4:8-10).


you remind me of Huldah, the woman who revealed Gods secret message to national leaders (2Kings.22:14).


you remind me of queen Esther, the woman who risked sacrificing her life for her people (Esther.4:16).


You are a blessing and a force to be reckoned with in this generation. Love you......"


- Etinosa Osayi, Benin City, Nigeria



May the Lord our God continue to use you and inundate your life with His grace and anointing. I am very blessed to have you pray for me. I appreciate you so much. God has used you to contribute to the healing of my soul, and for that I thank you. I love you and I lift you up in Jesus name, Amen - Danetra Jones USA




The word is right on. You prayed against feelings of .... and I’ve definitely felt that way. People have told me .... as well.  I’m very glad for the... word. =) It really blessed me a lot, so I thank you very much! Warm regards, Michael A. Grantham, New York City, NY



Wow! Just got this after the Lana [Vawser] one.. Thank you so much for taking the time to record the word and the prayer, and the heart that was in it. ...I was so tired anyway that I gave up any fighting for my own healing but others fought for me so maybe I have more to do...My whole cancer journey was full of God's interventions and care, and as it happens, I'm teaching on Sunday on intimacy with Him because it's the biggest key we could have/give and it's my main preoccupation now.   I need to rethink n renew my thoughts about my healing after this word you've brought.. I've had no sense of longevity but equally I had no compelling reason to want it, so thank-you. You're right - that doesn't line up biblically. Have you heard of Shawn Bolz, by any chance? He had a similar experience re being sick, taking a lot of negatives from church n world alike and was ready to go Home ASAP (albeit he's in a way more spirituality 'exalted' place than I'll ever be here and he's a lot younger too!). Heidi Baker prayed him 'back to life' for three hours! Now he has a wife, kids and a prophetic ministry and heart connection with  God that's wonderful to behold! You've started that same fight-recovery for me. Thank-you. Thanks so much for your time, wisdom and care. I'll listen to your word often and to Lana's teaching too. 

Love and His peace and blessing,  Janice 💐💐🙏🙏X







"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so very much for taking the time to really hear from the Lord in my behalf! I was overwhelmed by the word you gave. Thank you for not rushing it. Like you said, it was the longest prophetic word you said (Although I'm not sure how long a prophetic utterance should be! ).


And the fact that you were having a difficulty in expressing and voicing what God showed you did more for me than if you were able to eloquently describe what you're receiving from the heart of the Father. What that showed me was the "no eyes have seen, nor ears heard, nor has it entered the heart of man the things God has prepared for those who love Him" kind of purpose and plan you were trying to describe. Had I seen what you saw, I probably would also have difficulty in processing it, much more trying to communicate it to another.


Let me confirm for you what you prophesied,


- Yes, I have been crying to the Lord for more ("like a deer pants for the waterbrooks so my soul longs for Thee"). I teared up when you said He heard and said YES with a BIG EXCLAMATION POINT ! I'm humbled, bowled over, and encouraged about the promised expansion, and awed at the holiness of this calling that He is planning for me to walk in.


- Yes, I have read Roberts Liardon's "God's Generals" and have been praying for these kinds of revivals to happen here. I thought that's how revivals look like, and how they should happen. I didn't know that there was another kind, much controlled than these ones that the Lord has planned for my life. And I said yes to God for those. I will drink of the new wine. Thank God He's had mercy on my naivety.


- Yes, I do hear "fire" often in my spirit. I pray for His fresh fire consistently. I was leaping inside when you mentioned this in your utterance. So, it wasn't just my imagination! It's really God!


- Yes, I did want the affirmation of my leaders, men I respected, especially in the area of moving boldly in God's authority against Hurricane Irma that hit Florida. But received instead a public put-down. It was like the rug was pulled out from under me. But I have chosen to forgive them, pray for them, and still give them the respect they deserve as my leaders. I figure this is good for developing humility over the threat of pride in my life.


- Yes, I did weep before our Father, and asked for His grace to continue in what He's teaching me, no matter what - even if it would cost me a prestigious position in our denomination (And yes, like you said, I'm not prophesying that, but declaring favor in this situation ). Was moved when you mentioned that His heart beamed with pride since I've been praying for the grace to make Him proud as our Father!


- Yes, I've sworn a holy oath to God and asked Him to help me keep that oath of service to Him. I'm glad you said that He's got me since I've been praying for His hand to be upon me so that I may not stray from the path, but keep on going steadily forward in the plan He has for me.


- Yes, I've been praying that I would be a good friend to Him. Was overjoyed when you said I was a friend to Him. Teared up on this.


- Yes, very happy to hear about the angelic entourage accompanying me. I pray and confess that He has given His angels charge over me in all my ways that no evil might befall me. When I travel, I always ask for angelic protection and help.


- Yes, I've been considering a more literal interpretation over certain biblical stories as I learn to grow in God's supernatural ways. So far, I haven't walked on the water yet; I've walked in it, and swam under it, but not on it yet. The moment I do, I will inform you (if I don't bump into you walking on it first! Can get pretty crowded when we all start learning to do this!).


- Yes, I've read Wendy Alec's "Visions From Heaven"  which has inspired me to tears. But I'm going to have to go over it again so that I may catch the revelations you said the Holy Spirit wants me to have from that book.


- Yes, I've been asking the Lord to open my eyes and ears, and to have dreams and visions. Thank you for confirming that the Lord will do this for me.


Hopefully, as I've enumerated these points which you touched (and you don't even know me!), that somehow, you will be encouraged to know that you're hearing the Holy Spirit clearly. I pray that I also may be able to do the same (Please excuse the hint of jealousy here, since I desire to hear Him like you do!)


I appreciate your blessing declarations and prayers for me. I receive them by faith, and I pray that these blessing would redound abundantly to you and yours!


Thank you so very much, April. I really appreciate your taking the time to hear and communicate God's word to me. Very, very encouraging. be blessed!"

- Pastor in the Philippines 




[Adapted from a video recording and live testimony] April literally saved my life. She does not just “talk the talk,” but “walks the walk.” When my own friends and family had given up on me, she heard about my suicide attempts and drug addiction she didn’t miss a beat to come get me hours away. She put herself in danger to come get me from some very bad people (with machine guns!!).  They wanted to kill me.  But she had a weapon, too. The Holy Ghost!!!  She supplied me with everything I needed and helped me find a free place to get help with my addiction when I didn't have a stitch of clothes or anything to my name. She signed me up, took me to rehab along with everything thing I needed.  And she has never stopped believing in me and encouraging me.  I wish we lived closer to each other.  - Julie Smith, Booneville, MS


"There is only one April.  God created her "April" to not be like everybody else.  She will bear much fruit for the rest of her life." - Prophet Tim Fox (aka The Parking Lot Prophet), Redding, California