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For Y'all Wondering About "Natty" 

Unless you've been under a rock, at least 30% of the posts you see on the video social medias are people rocking in their boots to a little tune called, "Fancy Like," by Walker Hayes.  When I first heard this tune the songwriter in me wanted to personally high-five whoever was responsible for the line, "natty in the styrofoam!" I mean, COME ON!! ... That's so fresh! That is until I heard the next line, "squeak, speaking in the truck bed all the way home," and then I wanted to give two-high-fives, an air-hug, and scream with delight in the face to the person responsible for the genius of *that* line!  I KNOW THAT SOUND!  It's glorious!!

That's what's fantastic about this whole song to me.  It's kind of like a country version of Lorde's Royals except way more fun and ... less dark melodically.  These are my PEOPLE! I *get* them!  And I still love it when they get me!  (Sidenote: Mark my words.  I'm still gonna do this music thing, and when I'm a big fat millionaire - I mean when I'm very rich not ACTUALLY fat - I'm still gonna eat at Waffle House & Sonic and shop at the Dollar Tree, umm-okaaay?) If y'all know who the guy was in the room who thought of those lines, y'all let me know where to send my cyber-congratulations. Although I'm pretty sure ALL of the songwriters, Cameron Bartolini, Josh Jenkins, Shane Stevens, and Walker Hayes are pretty pumped being as Fancy Like is still hanging on the top of the iTunes store - currently number 1 in ALL GENRES - I repeat - ALL GENRES!!!  (Yeah, I know that's not how punctuation is done, but if you're new to following me - I make my own rules. ...and hyphens....and a lot of those little dots). 

Moving on...(see?)... once I got over my songwriter envy, and grasped the INSANE popularity of the song, the redneck in me was like, "There is NO WAY that many people know what natty is."  So sure enough, I googled it - a top google search.  What's more hilarious is all of the answers were ludicrous.  So consider this my good deed to humanity to let you in on the inner workings of a redneck brain (you're welcome! <--- not even sarcastic. HA!.  What can I say?  I'm a do-gooder-wanna-be.  Natty light is the cheap beer, specifically, good old fashioned Natural Light - not to be confused with Keystone it's redneck rivalry.  Said "give you the runs," by the high school boys of New Site, Mississippi, it was still a popular choice - also because we were still in a dry county it was widely available at the local boot legger.... higher profit margins I would imagine.  If you don't have any other friends who grew up with boot leaguers, I'll be your friend.  Hit me up.  Feel free to hit me up with any other country lyrics that need deciphering. 

Welp, there you go boys and girls, inquiring minds wanted to know.  In all seriousness, I think it's a decent beer.  It's the beer I "learned to drink," on (it's an acquired taste you know 😆) ... probably because it was so watered down.  😂 It's no Bud Light....but when you're hot and the Natty is cold, it's pretty delicious - especially on a dirt road or your buddy's boat!